Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

Rasberry and tomato season has begun!

We also have a variety of vegetables available for you-pick. Nothing better than fresh off the plant.

Tomatoes: $1.5/lb
Tomatoes Bulk Price: $.80/lb over 20 lb
Banana Peppers: $.30/each
Green Peppers: $.40/each
Jalapeno: $$.30/each
Greens Beans: $2/lb
Zucchini: $.75/lb
Raspberries: $4.00/pint
Eggplant: $1.50/each

*We have a variety of tomatoes including heirloom, hybrids and cherry. Pick any variety for the same price.

Broccoli, red and orange peppers, peas, and cucumbers are coming soon.

Please check in before you begin picking. While children are always welcome at our farm, we ask that only adults pick our veggies and tomatoes due to the fragility of the plants. Please do not pick something unless you intend to buy it. Do not leave picked items out in the garden. If you pick an item and decide that you do not want it, bring it with you to the check out shed. We will donate any extra veggies. Thank you!

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