Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Dear Friends,

Our raspberry season is here! We have lots of big, beautiful berries ready to go. The canes are full and ready for large quantities to be picked. So, if you're looking to make jam, sauce, or freeze, come by the farm. 

You-pick raspberries are $4.00/pint.

Our tomatoes are also full of big, red fruit. Don't wait to get yours, as the season may be shorter due to the heat this summer. We have amazing Brandywines (heirloom variety) that will only last one more week. Our family canned these last year and the results were unparalleled. We had the most delicious sauces and soups all winter long. We have other varieties available as well, including other heirlooms, cherry and canning.

Tomatoes (all varieties) - $1.50/lbs under 15 lbs
                                               $1.25/lbs over 15 lbs
Green Beans - $2.00/lbs
Green Peppers - $.50/each
Red Peppers - Not available yet
Jalapeno - $.25/each
Banana Peppers - $.25/each
Egg Plant - $1.50/each

We also have beautiful purple concord grapes this year. Pick some and make delicious grape jam, jelly and juice. They will be ready the end of August/beginning of September.

You-pick grapes are $1.80/lbs.

Just a reminder that we will also have you-pick pumpkins this fall.

We are an IPM farm and use sustainable farming methods. Our raspberries and veggies are hand-weeded. And we use organic certified sprays when possible. We never spray unless it is necessary for the survival of our crop. We are proud to grow food that is healthy for both people and the planet.

Best Regards,
The Janiga Family 
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