Monday, September 11, 2017

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Dear Friends,

Raspberry season is at its peak! Beautiful, sweet berries are plentiful, but it won't last too much longer. Our season will run until the last week of September after which we will close briefly to prepare for our you-pick pumpkin season. So, if you haven't been out or have visited already and would like more, now is the time. Our red fall raspberries make wonderful jam, jelly and syrup and are amazing for fresh eating. We also grow heirloom tomatoes, unparalleled for canning, freezing and eating right off the plant. We have other pick-your-own veggies too.

Raspberries: $4/pint
Tomatoes: $2/lb under 15 lbs OR $1.65/lb over 15 lbs
Bell Peppers: 40 cents/each
Banana Peppers: $.40 each
Eggplant: $2/each

We offer a weekday picking special for raspberries; pick 6 pints and your 7th is free.

Raspberry Production at our Farm:
We use the only 2 organic labeled insecticides for SWD* on our berries and remove over-ripe berries daily by hand as part of our pest management program. Our fungicides are also organic. All the raspberry rows are hand weeded. We take every precaution to protect our precious pollinators, only spraying late at night (yes, even organic spray will kill bees). Please note, this allows us to control pests, not eradicate.

*Spotted Wing Drosophila

Farming Practices at our Farm:
We use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) or sustainable farming practices. Our goal is to provide food that is not just healthy for people but also the environment. We are not organic but use organic practices whenever we possibly can. For example, all of our crops are hand weeded to drastically reduce the amount of herbicide needed. We also use certified organic sprays. As of last year, we no longer use synthetic nitrogen but all natural fertilizers and crop rotation.

Thank you and see you soon.
Liz, Carrie & Stacy
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